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Serving the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington areas since 1976


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Olympia, WA Heating, Electrical, Water Heaters, Windows and Doors by Sunset Air

Welcome to Sunset Air! Since our founding in 1976, Sunset Air has remained dedicated to the quality of work that we do and to the satisfaction of our customers. For over 35 years, Sunset Air has been a proud member of the Olympia, WA community. We started out in the garage of our founders, Pete and Kathy Fluetsch, and have grown to fill a large warehouse and product showroom where we offer a wide range of services including heating, electrical, water heaters, windows and doors and much more. Here at Sunset Air, we place a huge importance on being responsible with how we consume natural resources like energy and water. We lead by example, which is why the Sunset Air building was the first gold rated, privately owned, and operated building in Washington State. We offer a wide range solar services, window and door upgrades, as well as complete energy audit services for our residential and commercial customers. From furnace repairs, tankless water heater installation to window and door replacement, the technicians at Sunset Air can get the job done. Here at Sunset Air, we specialize in creating comfortable, energy efficient and cost effective work and living spaces through the use of technology, innovation, and industry expertise. Call us today!

Sunset Air Offers Professional Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Olympia, WA

Keeping your home comfortable is a huge priority when you live in Washington State. The Olympia, WA heating experts at Sunset Air offer comprehensive heating services for all different kinds of systems. From furnaces and boilers to geothermal systems, fireplaces, ductless mini split heating and wood stoves, Sunset Air can install, repair or replacement any kind of system that you might have. Give us a call if your home isn’t staying warm enough or if your system is making a strange noise, our Olympia, WA heating repair experts can assess the problem quickly and get your system back up and working again soon.

The folks at Sunset Air know that staying warm is only half the battle. When the Summer months come around, we know that you need to be able to stay cool. The Olympia, WA air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance professionals at Sunset Air can help you out with any services that you need. No matter what kind of equipment you have, even if we didn’t install it, we’ll definitely be able to repair it. We can also help you find a new AC unit for your home if yours has stopped working.

Other Services offered by Sunset Air

Water Heater Repair & Replacement – Few appliances in your home get as much use as your water heater. For any Olympia, WA water heater repair, installation or maintenance that you need, just call Sunset Air. We can work on all types of systems, including tankless water heaters. Contact us today if you aren’t getting enough hot water or if you need a water heater leak repair in Olympia, WA.

Windows and Door Replacement – There are few things that can do more to increase the energy efficiency of your home than upgrading your windows and doors. Not only can energy efficient windows and doors potentially reduce energy usage, but they might also be able to increase the appeal of your home. Contact the Olympia, WA window and door specialists at Sunset Air to find out more.

Portable and Full House Generators – It can be frustrating and sometimes even dangerous when the power goes out at your home. Call the Olympia, WA generator installation, repair, and maintenance pros at Sunset Air for any services that you need. If you don’t have a whole–house generator, we can help you find one that fits your budget and your home’s needs. We can also repair any type of generator that you might have.

Electric & Solar Electric Services – If you’re interested in taking advantage of the endless and free energy of the sun, call the solar installation, repair, and maintenance professionals at Sunset Air in Olympia, WA today. We’ll work with you to find a good solution to your home’s needs and your budget.

Your electrical systems run almost every appliance or component in your home. If you need electrical services in Olympia, WA, call the friendly electricians at Sunset Air. We have years of experience upgrading service panels, and repairing electrical problems. We offer a full range of commercial and residential electrical services.

Commercial HVAC Services in Olympia, WA

For  commercial HVAC services in Olympia, just call Sunset Air. We offer a huge range of services including commercial HVAC repair and installation, commercial electrical services as well as energy management, energy analysis. Our LEED–certified designers have years of experience working with all kinds of businesses and can help you increase the efficiency of your building.

The Olympia heating, electrical, water heater, windows and doors experts at Sunset Air offer repair, installation and replacement services throughout the Olympia, Tacoma and Seattle areas.