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Sunset Air - Geothermal Systems

Olympia, WA Geothermal Systems

Geothermal systems are one of the most energy efficiency heating and air conditioning systems available because they use the free and endless energy of the earth to heat and cool your home. If you have a geothermal system that isn’t working well or if you’re interested in having one installed, call the geothermal installation, repair, and maintenance professionals at Sunset Air. We have over 35 years of experience offering our customers reliable and quality services. We can work on any type or brand of geothermal system that you’re interested in. Our geothermal technicians can also work with you to figure out if your property has enough space for a geothermal unit and then find a good product for your home that matches your budget and your needs. Here at Sunset Air in Olympia we are dedicated to the quality of craftsmanship that we deliver and to the level of customer service that we provide. Call us today to talk with one of our friendly Olympia, WA geothermal specialists today.

What Are Geothermal Systems?

A geothermal system is essentially a ground–source heat pump. Traditional heat pumps cool and heat your home by moving heat from one place to another. In cooling mode, they remove heat from your house and exhaust it into the outside air. In heating mode, they absorb heat from the outside air and move it into your home. These are called air–source heat pumps because they use the air as a source of heat. As a ground–source heat pump, geothermal systems use the earth to heat and cool your home.

How Geothermal Systems Work

If you were to dig down into the earth about 10 feet the temperature there would be about 50° F and it will stay that way throughout the year—no matter what the temperature of the air is above the ground. This temperature consistency is what allows geothermal heating and air conditioning systems to heat and cool your home.

In order to take advantage of all that energy in the earth, a series of coils or pipes need to be buried in your home’s yard. A refrigerant is circulated through the pipes by a heat pump that is located inside your home. The Olympia, WA geothermal installation professionals at Sunset Air can help you determine if you have the space available for this ground loop.

In heating mode, the refrigerant in the coils absorbs heat in the ground and carries it into the heat pump in your home, which extracts the heat and blows it through your ductwork and into your rooms. In cooling mode, the heat pump absorbs heat from your home’s air into the refrigerant and then deposits it into the ground.

Geothermal Installation

The installation process of geothermal systems is very complicated and should always be done by a professional. The geothermal installation experts at Sunset Air in Olympia can help you figure out if a geothermal system is a good option for your home. Large holes or trenches need to be dug into your property to allow for the installation of the ground loop and the pros at Sunset Air have years of experience working with all different types and brands of systems.

Geothermal Repair and Maintenance

If you have a geothermal systems at your home and it isn’t working well just call the expert repair technicians at Sunset Air in Olympia. We have years of experience working with all kinds of issues. If your system is leaking, making a strange noise or not keeping your home comfortable, Sunset Air can get it back up and working again fast.

One of the best ways to make sure that your geothermal system works well is to schedule regular maintenance with a professional contractor. The geothermal maintenance experts at Sunset Air can visit your home on a regular basis to inspect, clean and repair every component of your geothermal system thoroughly. They will look for any small problems or issues that could cause future problems or issues. Getting regular maintenance for your home’s heating and cooling systems is a terrific way to potentially reduce the need for repair, increase efficiency, and also extend the equipment’s life.