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Sunset Air - UV  Lights

Olympia, WA UV Germicidal Light Services

Ultra violet light is incredibly damaging to microorganisms like viruses and bacteria. By installing ultraviolet lights in your heating and air conditioning system, you can make a positive impact on your home’s air quality. The Olympia, WA ultraviolet light installation, repair, and maintenance professionals at Sunset Air can help you with any services that you need. We have over 35 years of experience offering reliable, honest and quality services to our customers. We understand the importance of your home’s comfort, which is why we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction and to the quality of work that we do. Give us a call today to talk with one of our friendly technicians about any air quality services that you need.

While UV light can damage humans with long enough exposure, it can instantly destroy many microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. UV light is so effective that many medical facilities use it to sterilize their equipment. When used in your home’s heating and air conditioning systems, UV lights could potentially reduce the instances of viruses and sicknesses in your home.

UV Germicidal Light Installation

The installation process for UV lights is actually very simple. They are usually installed in your home’s ductwork or in the air handler. Many air handlers are made to accept certain types of UV light systems. Call the UV Germicidal light installation technicians in Olympia at Sunset Air today. We can help you find a good ultraviolet light system that matches your home’s equipment and your budget. Get in touch to talk with one of our friendly specialists to learn more about UV lights systems.

UV Light Repair and Maintenance

While your UV lights have few moving parts, they can still break down and require repair. Also, because UV lights systems are typically installed out of sight in your air handler or ductwork, it can be difficult to know when your UV lights need repair. The Germicidal UV light repair professionals at Sunset Air in Olympia can help you repair any kind of system that you might have. One of the best ways to reduce the need for UV light repair is to have them regularly maintained by a professional. When you schedule regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning system, our technicians will visit your home on a regular basis. During this visit, our specialists will thoroughly inspect every component of your HVAC system—including your UV light system. This could potentially reduce the need for repair, extend the life of your equipment, and increase comfort.