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Sunset Air - Generator Repair and Maintenance

Olympia, WA Generator Repair and Maintenance

When the power goes out you don’t want your generator to not work or underperform. For any generator repair or maintenance service in Olympia that you need, call Sunset Air. Our generator repair technicians have years of experience working with all different types and brands of generators. If your generator isn’t working well, making a strange noise or isn’t turning on, we can help. We have over 35 years of experience offering quality services to our customers. We are passionate about helping our customers stay comfortable in their homes and we are dedicated to the quality of service that we deliver. We understand how important it is for your generator to be reliable which is why we work so hard to exceed your expectations on every job.

Generator Repair & Maintenance

Here at Sunset Air we have years of experience working with all different kinds of generator issues. We’ve repaired countless generators and thought it would be a good idea to share some of the more common problems that we see. If you have any problems with your generator, make sure that you call the Olympia, WA generator repair pros at Sunset Air.

  • Generator not turning on – If you’ve decided to test your generator to make sure that it’s working but it doesn’t turn on, call the Olympia, WA generator repair experts at Sunset Air. We’ll be able to find the problem quickly and get your system back up and working again fast.
  • Generator making strange noises – Is your generator making a squealing noise? Does its motor sound strange? If your generator is making an unusual noise, it likely means that something has gone wrong. .

Generators are meant to protect your home from sudden losses of power. Because of that, they can sometimes sit unused for long periods of time. This can allow debris, rodents, insects, and other contaminants to build up inside of them. They can also start to develop rust and other problems as well. Without hiring a professional technician to inspect your generator regularly, those problems will continue to grow and may cause your system to fail when you need it most. There are tremendous benefits to having your generator regularly inspected and maintained by a generator maintenance professional in Olympia.

  • Reduced repair – During regular maintenance visits, our technicians will look for any problems that could be developing. They’ll fix those things so that they won’t be able to cause problems when your power has gone out.
  • Increased efficiency – When your generator does turn on, you want it to use as little fuel as possible. In an emergency situation, you never know when you’ll have access to more fuel. Getting regular maintenance might be able to ensure that your generator runs as efficiently as possible.
  • Longer life – Small problems can often grow into larger issues and threaten the life of your generator. By fixing those problems early, you could be able to extend the life of your equipment.