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Sunset Air - Heating

Heating Services in Olympia, WA

We all love the natural beauty of our state, especially such landmarks as Mount Rainier or the Olympic Mountains. But when we come home, we need to be able to stay warm in our homes. The award–winning Olympia, WA heating professionals at Sunset Air can help you with HVAC services including installation, replacement, repair and maintenance. We can work on any type of heating system that you might have, including boilers, furnaces, radiant heating systems, ductless mini splits, geothermal systems and much more.

If your furnace or heat pump blows warm air or if your heating system doesn’t produce enough heat, the Olympia, WA heating repair pros at Sunset Air can help. We can also install a new system in your home if yours has broken down permanently. We understand how important it is for you to stay comfortable in your home which is why we work so hard to make sure that the work we do is quality and that you’re completely satisfied. Contact us today to learn more about the heating installation, repair, and maintenance services that we offer residents from Tacoma, Olympia, and beyond. Give us a call to schedule heating services in Olympia, WA and the surrounding area.

Heating Services – Boiler & Furnace Repair in Olympia, WA

Because of how important your heating system is, you should always have any services performed by a professional Olympia, WA heating technician. The Olympia, WA heating installation and repair specialists at Sunset Air can help you with any type of heating issue that you might need.

Boilers are a terrific way to provide your home with comfortable and efficient heat. But like any other piece of equipment, it will eventually need repair or replacement. Call the Olympia, WA boiler repair specialists at Sunset Air today. If your boiler is leaking or if it isn’t producing enough heat, our heating experts will be able to figure out what’s wrong and fix it. We can also install a new boiler for your home if yours is completely broken.

If your furnace is blowing cool air or if you’ve noticed a strange odor coming from your system, the Olympia, WA furnace repair, replacement and installation specialists at Sunset Air can help. We’ll perform a complete energy audit of your home, which will help us figure out what size of furnace you need.

Fireplace and Wood Stove Installation

Whether you’re looking to improve the ambiance of your home or need a secondary heating system, the Olympia, WA wood stove and fireplace installation pros at Sunset Air can help. If your fireplace isn’t working efficiently, and you are considering upgrading to a newer more energy efficient model, call Sunset Air. We can also install all types of wood stoves as well. We have a large fireplace showroom that you can visit and check out the fireplaces that we have available.

Heat Pump Repair, Installation and Maintenance

Heat pumps are a great option for many homeowners that are looking for an efficient way to provide heating and cooling for their homes. The heat pump repair and maintenance professionals at Sunset Air in the Tacoma and Olympia area can work with any type or brand of system that you have. If your heat pump is producing warm air or if it is making a strange noise, our heat pump specialists at can help. We’ll also work with you to help you find a new heat pump for your home and then make sure that it gets installed properly.

Solar and Radiant Heating Repair 

Radiant heating systems often use water or steam to provide heating for your home. If you have a boiler, steam boiler, baseboard system, or any other type of radiant heater, the Olympia, WA radiant heat repair and installation experts at Sunset Air can help. Give our radiant heating experts a call today if your home isn’t staying warm enough and we can repair it or help you find a replacement system. Did you know that we’re also the top destination for residents and businesses looking for solar in Olympia? From individual solar panels to whole roof solar installation, Sunset Air has all of your solar needs covered. To learn more about how we can save you money running your heating or AC system with solar energy, contact us right away. 

Dual Fuel, Hybrid Heating & Geothermal Repair

Hybrid heating systems, also called dual fuel heating, use two different kinds of heating systems to heat your home. They often combine a heat pump with a gas furnace. When the weather gets very cold, heat pumps will actually work less efficiently. When that happens, hybrid systems automatically switch over to the gas furnace to heat your home. If you need dual fuel or hybrid heating installation, repair, or maintenance, call Sunset Air today.

Geothermal heating and air conditioning systems allow homeowners to take advantage of the free and endless energy stored in the earth. If you would like to know whether your home is a good candidate for this system, just call the geothermal installation pros at Sunset Air. We can also repair your geothermal system—even if we didn’t install it. Call us today to find out more about your geothermal options in Olympia, WA.

Thermostat and Zone Control Services

If you need thermostat repair or installation, just call Sunset Air. We can help you upgrade your manual or digital thermostats to Wi–Fi–enabled or programmable thermostats. We also offer thermostat repairs if yours aren’t working well. We know that Olympia homeowners everywhere are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption. Consider a zone control system if you want more control over your home’s heating and AC systems. A zone control system will give you precise control over the temperature in your home while helping you save money and energy.