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Sunset Air - Boiler Installation and Replacement

Olympia, WA Boiler Installation and Replacement

The boiler is one of the most popular heating systems in Olympia and throughout the country. It provides homeowners with consistent and efficient heating for many years. However, like any mechanical system, your boiler may eventually need to be replaced. The Olympia, WA boiler installation and replacement technicians at Sunset Air can help you with any services that you might need. We are dedicated to using innovation and creativity to help you our customers keep their homes comfortable. Our Olympia, WA boiler specialists can help you find a good heating system for your home and then get it installed properly. We understand how important it is for you to be able to keep you home comfortable, which is why we work so hard to exceed your expectations on every job. Call us today to talk with one of our friendly Olympia, WA boiler experts about any of the boiler services that you need.

Boiler Installation Services

One of the best things that you can do for the life of your boiler is to get it installed by a boiler installation professional. The Olympia, WA boiler installation professionals at Sunset Air have years of experience working with all different brands of boilers. If you’re just moving into a new home and need a boiler, we’ll work with you to find a good system that fits your home’s needs. Our heating installation professionals can perform a complete energy audit of your home to determine exactly what size system you need. Here are a few of the benefits of working with a professional heating contractor for your boiler installation.

  • Speed – When you need to install a new boiler, you want it to get done as quickly as possible. The boiler installation techs at Sunset Air can get your system installed as quickly as possible.
  • Quality – The importance of your heating system can’t be overstated. That’s why making sure that it gets installed properly is so critical. Call the professionals at Sunset Air today to learn more about our new installation and replacement services. 

Boiler Replacement Services

All the use that your boiler endures can really take its toll, which means that it could eventually require repair or replacement. The boiler replacement professionals at Sunset Air can help you find a new system that matches your home’s needs and your budget. Here are a few of the signs that you might need to replace your boiler as opposed to repairing it.

  • Boiler rust – If your boiler system starts to rust, it often signals the end of its service life. Rust is very difficult to get rid of, and in most cases, it means that you should probably replace your boiler.
  • Boiler leaking – Any piece of equipment that handles a lot of water is likely to experience leaks from time to time. If your boiler leaks often, it could be more financially sound to replace the whole system.
  • Boiler making strange noise – If your boiler has started to make a strange noise, it could mean that there are clogs in your boiler pipes or that the pump motor in your boiler is broken. This will usually result in a grinding noise coming from your boiler.