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Sunset Life Office Building

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Project Specs
LocationSunset Life

“Sunset Air did all the work to secure utility incentives and did an excellent job of retrofitting an occupied space.  We are thrilled with the realized energy savings which helped us renew the facility’s lease a very competitive leasing market”

-Building Owner – Theresa Wall (Facility and SCORE-SCOPE Project Manager) 

Project Cost


Utility Incentives


Projected Annual Savings

$27,500 or 27% (Baseline utility cost $100,000 annually)

Projected Simple Payback Period

1.0 years

Realized Annual Savings

46,740 or 47%

Realized Simple Payback Period

0.6 years


Energy Audit; related energy reduction analysis, projections, engineering, equipment recommendations, construction management; coordination of incentives from utilities; training; warranty service; equipment warranty and maintenance.

Facility Description

A 37,790-square-foot commercial office facility leased to the State Auditor.

Project Highlights

  • Full Energy Management & Controls upgrades
  • Removal of over 100 electric space heaters
  • Acoustic improvements for 2nd floor large conference room and basement office space

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