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Willapa Valley Elementary

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Project Specs
LocationWillapa Valley

“Sunset Air was innovative, responsive and delivered excellent energy savings while making our space more comfortable.  Their ability to control costs and maintain the project’s schedule was also excellent.”
-Willapa Valle School District Superintendent, Rob Friese (ESPC Project Manager)


Energy Audit; ESCO related analysis, projections, engineering, equipment recommendations, construction management; assistance in applying for State Energy Efficiency grant; coordination of incentives from utilities; training; warranty service; equipment warranty and maintenance.

Facility Description

A 14,000-square-foot Elementary School.

Project Highlights

  • Complete HVAC equipment replacement
  • Full Energy Management & Controls upgrades
  • Exterior insulation improvements
  • New high efficiency LP domestic hot water system

Project Cost


Utility Incentives; State Energy Efficiency Grants

$6,500; $158,000

Guaranteed Annual Savings

$13,560 or 72% (Baseline utility cost $18,800 annually)

22,681 kWh (electrical)

3,926 gallons (fuel oil)

-127 gallons (propane)

Simple Payback Period

6.9 years

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