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Sunset Air - Sliding Glass Door Replacement

Olympia, WA Sliding Glass Door Replacement

Sliding glass doors are very common in many homes throughout the country. They allow homeowners to secure their home while simultaneously allowing in lots of natural light and giving them a view to the outside. But like many other components of your home, your sliding glass door may eventually break down and need to be replaced. Call the Olympia, WA sliding door replacement professionals at Sunset Air today to learn more about how we can help you find a great set of new sliding doors. Here at Sunset Air, we are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our customers and to the quality of work that we do. We understand how important your doors are to the overall appearance of your home and also to its energy efficiency. That’s why we work so hard to exceed your expectations and our own high standards on every job that we do. If your sliding door is hard to open or if it is cracking, just call the experts at Sunset Air.

Olympia, WA Sliding Door Replacement

Some homeowners might be hesitant to replace their sliding doors but there are actually tremendous potential benefits that you could experience. The pros at Sunset Air can work with you every step of the way. We’ll help you find a good option for your home that fits your needs and your budget. We have a huge product showroom where you can get a hands–on look at all of our sliding glass doors.

Once you find the door that fits your budget and style, we’ll then make sure that your new sliding door is installed quickly and properly. These are a few of the benefits that you might be able to experience in your home by replacing your sliding door.

  • Increased efficiency – If you have old sliding glass doors it could be allowing a lot of heat to move into and out of your home. Not only is this incredibly wasteful but it could also reduce your comfort as well. By getting Olympia, WA sliding door replacement, you could potentially keep more energy inside your home. This could mean that less heat would get in during the summer and less heat would escape during the winter.
  • Increased safety – If you have a glass sliding door that is old, the glass might not be tempered. If it breaks, it could shatter into large pieces of very sharp glass. New, tempered glass could likely offer you increased safety in the event that it did break.
  • Better appearance – Another huge benefit of Olympia, WA sliding door replacement is that it could potentially improve the appearance of your home. The doors in your home are one of the most important parts of establishing your home’s overall look and feel. By upgrading your sliding door, you could add some very nice decorative and functional benefits to your home.

Improved Home Efficiency, Safety and Appearance!

One of the most attractive benefits to replacing an old sliding door is that you could be able to reduce the amount of energy that you use to heat and cool your home. Old glass doors often allow a lot of heat transfer through the glass, which is incredibly wasteful in both the summer and the winter months. New glass doors are made in such a way that they resist heat transfer, which could increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Depending on the age of your old glass doors, they could be made of un–tempered glass. If that door breaks, it could crack into large shards of razor–sharp glass. New glass doors are typically made of toughened or tempered glass, which is much safer in the event that it breaks.

Another huge benefit of replacing your current glass doors is that it will likely update the appearance of your home. We all want our home to be as appealing as possible to people passing by and to our guests. If your glass doors are many years old and it’s time for a facelift, Sunset Air can help.

Many homeowners think that installing a new set of doors just means that you have to hang it on the hinge. However, no two doorjambs are the same because wood often contracts, expands, or changes over time. This means that some adjustments need to be made to the door on–site. Without the help of a professional contractor your new glass doors might be installed at an angle, they may not open or close properly and they could allow outdoor air to get inside. Call the Olympia, WA glass door replacement pros at Sunset Air if you need any kind of door installation services.

The Olympia heating, electrical, water heater, windows and doors experts at Sunset Air offer repair, installation and replacement services throughout the Olympia, Tacoma and Seattle areas and would love an opportunity to earn your business.